Artist Statement:

I make art about humanity - about human beings and the relationship between their physical appearance, their inner selves, and the world around them. The means by which I express these ideas varies from one artwork to the next, often appearing inconsistent, but the overall intent remains the same; I make art that documents physical life and explores the parts of life that we can't see.


Alternative statement:

My primary interest as an artist is humanity, and while my vision was once limited to self portraiture - because the only internal self I can explore is my own - I have since broadened that view into one encompassing all people. I do this using two bodies of work. One body of work documents people's physical appearance via the use of life-casts. The other involves an interactive approach where I become a conduit for people to express their inner selves.

My early work (2005-2011) was about what I call "the self/self relationship", which is the relationship between a sentient being's physical form and its inner consciousness. I explored this concept by creating painted juxtapositions of people's faces (often myself) and their non-physical attributes (i.e. thoughts, memories, emotions, histories, feelings, and so on). My current work splits this idea into two; it represents the physical self using limited edition ceramic life-casts and exhibits them alongside representations of the inner self as represented by paintings which the subject had a hand in creating.